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Our present range of products is:


Grinding wheels / Dressing devices:

COMET Schleifscheiben GmbH, Germany (conventional grinding wheels) 

A.D.I.E. SA, Chartres, Cedex - France (CBN & Diamond wheels)

Phoenix Abrasives Ltd, Manchester - England (Shellac wheels)

Atlantic GmbH, Bonn  - Germany (large grinding wheels Ø1100 mm)

WEISS AG, Switzerland (Dressing devices and -diamonds)


Grinding machines:

L. Kellenberger & Co AG, Switzerland (Universal cylindrical CNC and hydrauli grinding machines)

Feinmechanik Michael Deckel GmbH, Germany (CNC and manual Tool grinding machines)

ELB-SCHLIFF Werkzeugmaschine GmbH, Germany (on project basis)

VOUMARD Machines CO SA, Switzerland (CNC internal grinding machinbes)

SUPFINA Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG, Germany (superfinish apparatus)

 Depending on customer requirement, we cooperate with high quality manufacturers of larger grinding machines.


Equipment / Accessories:

TUREX GmbH, Germany (Wheel storage systems)

Walker Braillon Magnetics SA, France (magnetic chucks and equipment)

Hans Streuli AG, Switzerland (filtration equipment)

Turbo Separator AG, Switzerland (Sentrifugal filtration systems)

Cosema S.p.A, Italy (Filtration paper rolls) 

Kelch & Links GmbH, Schorndorf, Germany


We also offer training courses in grinding and consultancy in grinding processes.

Serptember 2009


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