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Welcome to Henor AS (Ltd.) a company specialised in Grinding Technology. We offe products and services within aspects like grinding wheels and dressing devices, grinding machines and accessories as well as filtration units, wheel storage systems, magnetic equipment, etc. 

 We also run training courses on the entire grinding process as there is a strongh interlink between wheels, machines, filtration and coolant supply.

Our philosophy is to provide as good and competent services as possible to the grinding industry in Norway. The importance of a customer is largely emphesized in our activities.

We would be pleased to be of service to you and look forward to hearing from you. 

Olav Brunborgsvei 27, N-1396 Billingstad, tlf. 66 85 93 94 - fax. 66 85 93 95 - henor@henor.no - www.henor.no