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HENOR AS (Ltd) is a small company specialising in Grinding technology, established in December 1999. It is so far the only company offering services and products on the entire grinding process, comprising grinding wheels, dressing, grinding machines, filtration units, accessories and wheel storage systems.

We supply products and services to an increasing and diversified market in Norway basically with manufactures from Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK and France. Our customers range from Paper mills ( roll grinders), general purpose mechanical workshops, tool & mould makers, offshore applications and on to ski manufacturers. Typically we cover grinding of paper rolls, cylindrical (external and internal) grinding, profil- & surface grinding and tool grinding.    

A further activity is training courses in grinding, not only grinding wheels, but the entire process. There is a strong interaction between the wheel, the machine, the dressing and - indeed the coolant supply. In fact, about 50% of the problems occuring in grinding can be related to the coolant supply. Of course the process data themselves (speed, feeds, etc.) also require attention.

We base our activities on a marketing concept with a strong focus on satisfying customer needs. Experience achieved helps us in  our objective to offer as good as possible solutions to our customers. Grinding has definite demands for high surface quality, close tolerances and high dimensional precision, while at the same time being an expensive and time consuming process. The challenge is to improve the cost/performance ratio.

The technical dialog with our customers is of utmost importance, both in defining the needs and to seek their proper solutions, but also to provide for a satisfactory follow-up. Only by putting products into use can we improve ourselves and thus become a better supplier.

We hope to be of service to you as well and look forward to welcome you to our company.



Olav Brunborgsvei 27, N-1396 Billingstad, tlf. 66 85 93 94 - fax. 66 85 93 95 - henor@henor.no - www.henor.no